Unix - Historical

An Oral History of Unix
The UNIX System -- History and Timeline -- UNIX History
UNIX History
The PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society
The Unix Heritage Society
The PDP-11 FAQ
Development of Unix - a paper
Multics people
What's that daemon?
Vi original paper
Bell Laboratories Computing and Mathematical Sciences Research
The Story of the PING Program Technology | Guru of the Unix gurus
USENIX - PHOTOS from the 2000 USENIX Annual Technical Conference
Berkeley Hardware Prototypes
Betriebssystem UNIX - Literatur
Daemon News 199903 : A History of UNIX before Berkeley: UNIX® Evolution, 1975-1984
Faces Archive - Mailing List - 1994: Faces on the Internet FAQ
Software Feature Story
Directory of /published/usenix/faces
Homepage for Kasper Edwards, ITS, DTU
What Do I Need to Know About Culture and Lore
Salon Free Software Project | BSD Unix: Power to the people, from the code
Pictures of the BSD-Daemon
Selected Bell Labs Tech Reports
C&L - FreeBSD 3.0

Unix - FAQs, references, articles

Unix one liners!
Solaris 2 FAQ
Solaris on Intel - x86 FAQ
Info Docs Article 14075 - Genral SCSI FAQ
comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions
UNIX Reference Desk
Plan 9 Volume 2 - The Documents (tm) the source for quick reference cards
Index of /pub/solaris
UltraLinux Home Page
Solaris 2.4 x86 FAQ
Unix SysAdm Resources: FAQs, Patches and Other Info [Sun] ( AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, LINUX, SOLARIS & Tru64)

Unix - Development, kernel, architecture

Softpanorama University Unix/Linux Internals Course and Links
The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual
Compilation notes for Solaris 2.6
Compiling & Developing Software on Sun Solaris 2.x
Loopback filesystem implementation
Solaris Kernel Tuning
Unix Insider columns
[comp.unix.programmer] Unix-socket-faq for network programming
Solaris - Tuning Your TCP/IP Stack
Swap space implementation, part one
Swap space implementation, part two
Plan 9 Distribution
Comp.compilers: Sparcstations: A Guide for Compiler Writers SPARC Assembly Language Reference Manual
The web site of Rob Thomas
Bruce Ediger's web pages

Unix - System administration (mostly Sun/Solaris) Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual
Sun Managers Summaries Archives
Sun Education - Solaris certification
Multi-booting Solaris and other operating systems
Solaris OpenStep(TM) Sun Microsystems Data Center Site Planning Guide
Sun BluePrints OnLine
Sun UNIX memconf utility
BB Mailing List
Index of /security/os/solaris
Sun Seminar - Java[tm] Technologies for the Dot-Com World
Unix Guru Universe Solaris 8 Sun Hardware Platform Guide
Inside Solaris / PPP setup tips Solstice DiskSuite 4.0 Administration Guide
Rainbow Technologies: Products and Solutions
FAQs Article 2373 - MIRRORING home page
Learn Solaris: Reources for exams
SkillDrill - sysadmin tests, etc.
hme Troubleshooting
Welcome to Vinoth's World
MagniComp - SysInfo(TM) Home Page
Mtools - Access MS-DOS disks from Unix
Solaris Resources (Ultra/Intel)
Big Brother System and Network Monitor
SunWorld columns
Digi SCSI/EtherLite and PortServer based Sun Remote Consoling
Sun NVRAM faq
Unix SysAdm Resources: FAQs, Patches and Other Info [Sun]
MagniComp - SysInfo(TM) Home Page
Unix Guru Universe
The NetBSD Packages Collection: www/web500gw
Burning a bootable CDRom for Solaris
Sun BluePrints OnLine - How to make a SPARC bootable CD


Using Samba - the Oreilly book
SAMBA Web Pages
Doing the NIS/NT Samba


SSA helpful hints
Veritas-vx Info Page

disksuite Solstice DiskSuite 4.2 User's Guide
SUMMARY: DiskSuite - mirroring / Solstice DiskSuite 4.2 User's Guide Solstice DiskSuite 4.2 User's Guide Solstice DiskSuite 4.2 User's Guide Solstice DiskSuite 4.2 User's Guide Solstice DiskSuite 4.0 Administration Guide
VeritelNet - Technical Lists

Operating System Installation

Unix - Performance tuning

Sun Performance Information
Solaris - Tuning Your TCP/IP Stack
The SE Performance Toolkit - Release 3.0
SE Toolkit FAQ
Index of /pub/memtool
What's the best way to probe processes?
Sun's Java HotSpot(TM) Performance Engine Hits the Spot
Performace comparison of free operating systems

Unix - Tools and utilities

Enhancing E-Mail Security With Procmail
Fetchmail Home Page
plotutils - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
PADL Software
LPRng Web Page
Le GNU a2ps - La GNU a2ps home page
Sun UNIX utilities
The UltraTech® Text and Image Viewer - My Life With Spam - My Life With Spam
Unix is a Four Letter Word: Vi editor
Font handling in Solaris Netscape
Various stuff.
Fighting Font Frustration: Table of Contents
InterGuru's E-Mail Address Conversions
Cdrecord release information
How do I send email from Perl for Win32
How to Write a CD
Products - PleXWriter 12/4/32
The Java Telnet Application/Applet v2.0
CD Studio+ CD-Recording System from Young Minds, Inc. [pid 34251]-[vid 2137]
Sun CD-ROM FAQ: Using a CD Recorder on a Sun workstation

TCP/IP, networking and network storage

Creating a split DNS environment
Solaris - Tuning Your TCP/IP Stack
The power of the sniffer snoop!
Webpage of Kame Project
Cisco Knowledge Suite
Embedding TCP/IP
Hidden Sniffer howto
IP Filter - TCP/IP Packet Filtering package
Solaris PPP/NAT Howto
Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Web Site
Internet Software Consortium - BIND
RFC 1918 - private ip addr allocation
the - your middleware portal
Time Server
Course Listing
Index of /software/tcptrace/files/LATEST/
Network Appliance - Products - Filers - Database Solution
RAIDZONE - High performance disk arrays using Ultra ATA disks.
Network Appliance - Network Storage and Caching Solutions (UNIX, Windows, Web)


Synnergy Laboratories
Frequently Asked Questions - Applet Security
The Forensic Challenge
How to Improve Security on a Newly Installed SunOS 4.1.3 System
Check Point Software Technologies. We Secure the Internet.
VLAD the Scanner
Network Flight Recorder, Inc.
SecurityPortal - Stupid, Stupid Protocols: Telnet, FTP, rsh/rcp/rlogin
SecurityPortal - All About SSH - Part I/II
Bastille Linux
The Secure Shell Community Site
NetScreen Technologies, Inc.
Port Numbers
PhoneBoy's FireWall-1 FAQ
Linux IPCHAINS-HOWTO: I'm confused! Routing, masquerading, portforwarding, ipautofw...
FAQ: Firewall Forensics (What am I seeing?)
VeriSign - White Paper - Securing Your Web Site For Business
Global Incident Analysis Center: Special Notice - Finding Listening Applications on Windows
ProPolice: Protecting from stack-smashing attacks
Welcome to Foundstone - Securing the Dot Com World
Content Technologies Website
Axenet - security services
Webroot Software Inc.
Sophos Antivirus
Xsoldier vulnerability source code
COAST Hotlist: Computer Security, Law and Privacy
Crypto and Security Courses
IP Filter - TCP/IP Packet Filtering package
NSW - Network Security Wizards
Linux IP Firewall Information
Orange Book - Firewall Buyers Guide
Seven Firewalls Fit for Your Enterprise Report Card page 9
Firewalls Mailing List Releases the LinuxSecurity Quick Reference Card
F W T K . O R G
Linux Router Project
T.REX: Open Source Firewall
FAQ: Firewall Forensics (What am I seeing?)
FW-1 State Table
VOS Initiative - Supercharge and Protect your E-Business
mod_ssl: The Apache Interface to OpenSSL
SANS Institute Online - Home Page
Intrusion Detection Pages
Intrusion Detection Systems
WYAE - Gateways/Firewalls
FireWall-1 FAQ: Downloads
Internet Firewalls: Frequently Asked Questions
Enhancing E-Mail Security With Procmail - News - E-Business - More firms certified for SET
SET Secure Electronic Transaction LLC
Hacker's toolchest
Technical Whitepapers and Publications
PhoneBoy's FireWall-1 FAQ
FireWall-1 Mailing List
Securing Sun Solaris (and other Unix OS) recommendations

Sun Hardware

Obsolyte - Obsolete and Elyte!
Sparc 10 Info Page
Sparc IPC Info Page
anything & everything 4 SUN Microsystems Computers
SUN Sbus expansion cards
SUN products
SUN 20" Premium (SONY) GDM-20D10 monitor to a PC with Windows 95/98/NT
The Suns at Home Page

Netscape Products

Font handling in Solaris Netscape
How does Messenger notify me when new mail has arrived in my account?
Security Preferences for Communicator
Deployment Guide: Planning Your Environment
Cluster Servlet Sample Application
LiveWire Information and Support
View Source: A SuiteSpot Deployment Diary
HTTP result or server status code definition(s)
Monitoring the Server's Status
Directory Server Log Error Codes.
An explanation of the output of pstats for Netscape Proxy Server
Adding a new admin user for NASA when the original admin user ID is corrupted, does not exist, or the user/password is lost
How do I change the admin password after the install in NAS 4.0?
iPlanet - iPlanet Documentation
Documentation: Deployment
iPlanet Application Server 6.0 Administration and Deployment Guide: Chapter 8 Configuring the Web Connector Plug-In
Directory Server 4.x Administration Accounts
Netscape Directory Server Administrator's Guide
Customizing LDAP Settings For Communicator 4.5
Documentation: Deployment
Netscape Directory and Security White Paper
An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ -- Directory Services Information
Mac/Netscape Secrets
DevEdge Online - Developers FAQ's
Understanding LDAP
About the Web connector plug-in
Building Applications in the Net Economy
Netscape Server Product Documentation
iPlanet Downloads - Download
Netscape Product Status
How to configure two or more Netscape Application Server instances in a cluster

People, visionaries, ideas

Wired 8.04: Why the future doesn't need us.
Computer: Interview with Ken Thompson, May 1999
The future according to Dennis Ritchie
Interviews : Interview with Dennis M. Ritchie
O'Reilly Network: A Conversation with Bill Joy [Feb. 13, 2001]
Home Page of McKusick.COM
Dennis Ritchie
Dennis Ritchie Home Page
Ken Thompson
Bell Laboratories Computing and Mathematical Sciences Research
Brian W. Kernighan: Programming in C: A Tutorial
Computer: Interview with Ken Thompson, May 1999
About Entrisphere
Impressions reading Peter H. Salus `A Quarter Century of UNIX' Issue 21
Richard Stallman's Personal Page
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Sam Leffler
Executive Bios: Bill Joy
Linux Magazine | November 1999 | FEATURES | The Joy of Unix
Feature - Interview with Bill Joy
Salon Technology | Code critic
Douglas Comer
Don Knuth's Home Page
Peter Neumann's Home Page
John S. Quarterman -- Matrix.Net
Peter H. Salus -- Matrix.Net
Tribute to our Friend

Internet - general

THE INTERNET LAW JOURNAL -THe Law on Hackers and Crackers-
Matrix.Net - Internet performance
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents
Web Hosting through Linux and DSL - Home
ht://Dig -- Internet search engine software
A Short IRC Primer
The Eddie Mission

PC Hardware and Software

NetSaint Propaganda
Converting Messages
Tom's Hardware Guide
Welcome to Terabyte Unlimited
Serenity's Dos Reference for Windows 98
Tera Term Home Page
FAQ's, Tutorials and Hints and Tips for Newbie's - CDROM-Guide Bulletin Board
Do-It-Yourself InkJet and Laser Printer Repair -

Books and Magazines

Sun Performance and Tuning: Java and the Internet
Programming Applications for Netscape Servers
Configuration and Capacity Planning for Solaris Servers
Building Internet Firewalls, 2e
Web Performance Tuning: Speeding Up the Web (O'Reilly Nutshell)
Dns and Bind
Internet Core Protocols: the Definitive Guide
Using Samba (O'Reilly System Administration)
PANIC! UNIX System Crash Dump Analysis Handbook
Understanding and Deploying Ldap Directory Services (MacMillan
Implementing LDAP
Sterling Technologies
Solaris Security
Network Computing Online Unix World Home Page

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