Unix or UNIX?
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In addition to the well-known team of Thompson/Ritchie/Kernighan, other people at Bell Labs have had important direct or indirect contributions to Unix. This contribution has been continued toward the next generation of operating systems from Bell Labs, Plan 9 and Inforno.
Rob Pike
When did you last see an exciting non-commercial demo? [5]

Rob is quite a multidimensional person: A genius programmer, an Olympics medal winner, a telescope designer, and... well known for his appearances on ``Late Night with David Letterman''. He is the coauthor of a couple of great books introduced before: The UNIX Programming Environment and The Practice of Programming, and finally, do not forget to try his cheesecake!

Rob's home page specially check out his paper, Irrelevance of Software Research.
Notes on Programming in C


Other people
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  • Al Aho
  • Dough McIlroy
  • Joseph Ossanna



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