First and foremost, my gratitude to Saied, Mammad and late Hamid who introduced me to the wonderful world of Unix a decade ago, which in turn changed my view to computing and in a way changed my life...

Special thanks to Dr. Peter Salus for granting the permission to quote from his book [1] in this site:

Dear Nasser,
This is to give you full permission to quote 
from my Quarter Century of UNIX on your web
site.  My only request is that the source be 
fully labelled.


Peter H. Salus		Chief Knowledge Officer, Matrix.Net
Ste. 501W	1106 Clayton Lane	Austin, TX 78723
	 	 +1 512 451-7602	

Also special thanks to Dr. Marshal Kirk McKusick for his permission to use the BSD logo as well as to quote from his written and spoken material. I'd also like to use this opportunity and thank him for his excellent Unix Kernel Internals courses, available on video, from which I learned a lot.

And of course, Finally Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie started it all [4].

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